3 Ways to lose weight and keep it off

The question I get asked the most is how to keep the lost weight off. Many people seem to think there is something wrong with them, but the real culprit for losing weight and keeping them off is habit.

One thing you need to understand is that habit is not to overcome, but to make it work for us. It is like a giant stone wheel with momentum, once you build a positive momentum it becomes easier. But to spin the other way while the momentum is going against you, it is very difficult, but can be done.

1. Change what your mind consumes first

The best way to go about this is to unsubscribe to all media that entice you to unhealthy food and subscribe to healthy ones like Urban Plates or Lemonade. It is not so much the diet but learn to appreciate the good ones. If you don’t like raw broccoli I got good news for you, no one does. But civilization has been eating it for a long time so they must have ways to make it taste good. Yes, some ways to prepare it might be less healthy than the raw one, but better is good. And honestly, if you make everything you eat a little healthier, you will reach your goal! Trust psychology and corporate media, over time you will learn to appreciate healthy food. Ok, we all know that, but we don’t have time. Remember the wheel analogy, going against your current habits will not be easy or you would not need to do it in the first place. But through tiny change of direction, your habits, momentum, will one day be your friend instead of your enemy.

2. Drink more tea

I get it, drinking water all day is boring, and no one wants to be over caffeinated. Here is an ancient wisdom: none or low caffeinated tea. Depends on what kind of tea, the benefits cannot be overstated. Not only tea can make you feel full, but study after study also showed that man who habitually drink green tea has less chances of developing prostate cancer. And the antioxidants in tea can slow down aging for both men and women.

3. Your social group

There is a saying, “show me your 10 closest friends and I can have a complete picture of you”. Of course, you do not have to dump your best friends, but joining people on meetup who has common goal, who like and know how to make good healthy food, who are physically active are a great way to turn the wheel other way.


Much of what I learn about the difficulties in people to live healthy life is not inadequacy of themselves, but rather their surrounding environment. Although there is a sign of change, you have to understand that most food industries still bank on you to continue your consumption. That means they will use everything they have in their arsenal to keep stock owners happy. That means we are the casualties. So, unless we decide to change our own environment and force the industry to change with us, it will change us not in our best interest.

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